Our Story



Ipatia Moisiadou started her fashion journey after completing her studies in Economics. In 2009 , since she was always charmed by fashion, she opens her first concept store in Mykonos at the age of 24.

Since  Ipatia’s early days as a retailer in the fashion industry she envisioned herself transitioning from buying and selling the product instore to designining and creating the product herself. After 9 years of experience in retail industry, knowing well the international customers’ most exquisite demands, she started her own handmade accessory line.

The vision of the designer is to create a collection of total look, literally from head to toe, from hats to sandals, offering you plenty of opportunities to identify yourself with it.

Ipatia’s intricate process is signature to our brand, creating every product individually by hand in our workshop in Greece . Many of the pieces you purchase are made to order so we have a more sustainable business with as low waste as possible. We try to focus on quality over quantity.

All the traditional production processes such us knitting, macramé weaving and stitching are 100% made by Greek retired women empowering them to keep up with their creativity and economic independence. We strongly believe in supporting handmade, local and quality products.

The purchaser should feel special wearing a unique product as a result of our team work and endless love. Hope you share our vision…

Ipatia Moisiadou team